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My latest book, Nevertheless: A Book of Walking Poems, is out now! Order it here at Nightwood Editions. 

Nightwood Editions, Spring 2022

This long-awaited second collection by award-winning poet, Gillian Jerome, is a book of walking poems and odes. Jerome roams into ordinary places inside and outside of the city of Vancouver where she finds beings and states of being to sing about. This collection is about love, grief, friendship, neighbours, neighbourhoods and aging, but its central question might be, “How do we repair relationships between land and people?” In response, Jerome’s poems suggest that we might plant a garden, put one foot in front of the other. “Look about you,” George Washington Carver wrote, “Take hold of the things that are here. Let them talk to you.” 

Red Nest
Nightwood Editions, 2009 

Short-listed for the 2010 Dorothy Livesay BC Book Prize

Winner of the 2010 ReLit Award for Poetry

“Red Nest feels like a deeply political book without the cant. This first book argues passionately for the interconnectedness of all our everyday actions with the larger, political and cosmic forces shaping the destiny of our species. It’s got the scope of Whitman, the sensuality of Keats, the ferocity of Kathy Acker and Sylvia Plath.” 

-Suzanne Buffam

Hope in Shadows: Stories and Photographs of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Brad Cran and Gillian Jerome

Winner of the 2009 City of Vancouver Book Award